A security software that helps companies identify infected areas and files to make clean-up easier and much less expensive after it was hacked.

The Scoop

The team at Heureka originally built their product for the legal industry but quickly realized their software had a much larger potential. They worked with industry experts to identify the needs of today's security teams. While their software is great their original interface and user experience didn't wow potential clients on demos.

Our favorite part of working on this project was seeing what a fresh eye on design can do to revive a product. The team knows what their software needs to do and what type of information is important but we applied new concepts and layouts to pull the user in and keep them there all day.

In the end we built a high-fidelity prototype to define the user experience and created a framework for future UI/UX to be built from.

  • Enterprise SaaS
  • eDiscovery
  • Complex Worfklow

"After two years of working out our software architecture and allowing our engineering staff to design the initial user interface, we engaged Prototype1 to work with our team and craft professional user experience and design onto the platform. The results have been nothing short of spectacular. Customers find the intuitive design easy to navigate and a joy to experience. And, best of all, the engineers now realize they are better at engineering and not design!"

- Ron Copfer, CEO @ Heureka Software