A group ticketing platform for professional sports teams and their sales groups to simplify the large purchase process.

The Scoop

Groupmatics makes group ticket sales remarkably fast and easy. Their platform allows sports teams and sales leaders to experience the convenience of Internet-based ticket transactions without the paperwork and headaches associated with the traditional group sales process.

Groupmatics was started by a sports ticket expert but he didn't have much development experience when he hired his first software development partner. The team built the necessary systems to get the job done but it wasn't prepared for the high-growth environment that Groupmatics was entering.

The small team at Groupmatics knew that they needed to bring on a development partner with more experience in building highly-integrated, scalable and secure systems. With our previous experience it was a natural fit.

  • E-commerce
  • Enterprise SaaS
  • White Label

"They did a great job understanding the vision of the product and providing a prototype before starting development. They also have a ton of experience in the technology space which made our decision to work with Prototype much easier.
They handled problems and issues in a timely fashion, gave feedback on why the issue/problem was happening and fixed it within the timeframe they provided."

- Matt Mastrangelo, CEO @ Groupmatics

  • The Right Flow

    Groupmatics' success is tied to their user experience. Customers expect an intuitive experience that is fast and easy. If it's not simple, orders will be abandoned. Using our e-commerce background, we built a simple and smart interface that can be uniquely customized for each organization.

  • Built to Scale

    Groupmatics came to us looking for a system that would be able to grow with them. We built a strong back-end system that can scale quickly. The admin section enables Groupmatics' client to create, maintain and analyze events and sales data giving organization new insight that was previously unavailable in the industry.

    Our favorite part of this project was working through all of the intricacies of the group ticket sales process. There are so many moving parts, from integrations, user personas, and ticketing options, it really allowed our high-fidelity process to shine.

    In the end we built a brand new system with additional ticket vendor integrations, and improved user experience and set the team up with a platform to match their growth.

  • AngularJS
  • .NET
  • SQL Server DB