GIE Media, Inc.

An online educational platform for pest control professionals by the leading industry publication in the country

The Scoop

GIE Media, Inc. serves eight growth industries from aerospace to landscaping through business magazines, websites, e-newsletters, conferences reference books, and other forms of business media. Now, their service offering includes the pest control industry's first online learning and certification platform.

Today's pest control experts are required by most states to earn continuing education units to maintain their licenses. GIE's market leading publication PCT (Pest Control Technology) partnered with states across the country to administrate online courses for these on-the-go professionals to receive their CEUs online.

GIE had previously tried to use a SaaS solution to manage the platform but it didn't meet their user's needs. We identified the requirements of the system to build a classroom and administration section in which courses and tests can be created and completed. High-fidelity prototypes not only defined the project but were used to assist the management team in selling the product to partners and states before development started to ensure we were on the right track.

  • E-Learning Classroom
  • E-Learning Program Administration
  • State Licensing
  • The Anywhere, Anytime Classroom

    Pest control professionals are the definition of a mobile workforce - going from site to site with little time for office meetings or training. With this in mind we knew that the online training platform would only be successful if the system met the trainee on their terms. That's why this classroom experience is accessible on just about any device. Professionals can start a course on their phone at lunch and finish it on their laptop at night.

  • Built to fit

    The administration panel helps the course creators build and maintain materials, send to state agencies for approval, and analyze performance uniquely for their industry. We spent a significant amount of time learning how GIE creates their materials so that the administration panel fits cleanly into their process.

    We loved the challenge of solving for an increasingly mobile workforce. The system required a layout that would allow users to review documents and answer questions simultaneously while on smart phones. Our design team came up with an elegant solution for narrow real estate.

    In the end we built a system that streamlines the entire process for both the test takers and the test creators. Test takers are able to save their progress, submit their scores to their manager and to the state, while keeping their history if they ever change employers or locations. Test creators can efficiently build courses and tests, send them for review and even view success rates by question.