FM Tracks

A solution for Farmers' Markets to track SNAP/EBT payments to enable better data collection, reporting and research for markets and networks.

The Scoop

A Case Western Reserve University professor teamed up with farmers' market organizations around the country to create a system that helps markets take advantage of government programs available to local markets accepting SNAP benefits.

FM Tracks simplifies the farmers' market managers' payout process by tracking data to assist in reporting SNAP benefits. This is a growing channel for farmers' markets due to new public health initiatives bringing healthier food and markets to communities where it is not readily available.

  • Social Enterprise
  • iOS App
  • Data driven platform

"Prototype1 did an excellent job of seeing the big picture from the beginning and asking the right questions to guide product development."

- Darcy Freedman

  • Responsive Admin Panel

    We built an intuitive experience that allows market managers to input, organize and evaluate transaction data on-the-go.

  • iOS App

    FM Tracks is the first app of its kind. It gives users in-depth reporting tools and real-time information regarding market performance and trends. It is one of the only platforms available that enables farmers' markets to share valuable data with researchers that study the implications of healthy food programs and initiatives in local communities.

    The FM Tracks app directly addresses the pain points of the pen-and-paper process by offering a streamlined solution to enter and process data, thus saving staff time and money. With FM Tracks organizers will have a better understanding of their market and their customer.

    From idea to execution, we're proud to have been a part of the FM Tracks app project and have no doubt it will provide value to both local market and the researchers collecting data to drive additional funding and support for healthy food initiatives.